Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, inner buttocks and anus. Bidets are used by many people all around the world for its health and environmental aspects. Bidet, which is similar to a normal toilet sink, is easy to use for people of all ages be it toddlers or seniors who otherwise have to depend on caregivers/nurses.

A Bidet is a plumbing fixture which is installed in the bathroom separately as an attachment. Bidets are often considered to be part of modern bathrooms as it adds a luxurious look to your otherwise average looking washroom with a sink, toilet and a shower.

How Bidet delivers more hygienic wash?

Many people use bidets because it is considered to be more hygienic than the traditional tissue paper. Cleaning inner buttocks or anus with tissue paper after urinating won’t guarantee you that all the germs are washed up, however doing so with soap and water will definitely wash up more germs than a toilet paper could do. Since lower parts of the human body are very sensitive, they should be taken full care of in order to maintain the best hygiene and prevent any hygiene related  health problems.

How Bidets prevent Health issues?

Apart from being hygienic, bidets helps with many health problems such as constipation or hemorrhoids. Some bidets have nozzle tips or high pressure option which allows water to reach the crevices of human body more intimately which ensures a thorough inside out cleansing. Those suffering from hemorrhoids which is more common among children, pregnant women and those suffering from constipation, can benefit from using a Bidet attachment to avoid the rough feel of using a toilet paper.

Apart from that, some bidets also have higher end bidet seats, which offer warm water with a dryer as a substitute for toilet paper. People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other stomach and bowel health problems have to visit the washroom more often which leads to rashes because of increased use of toilet paper but with bidets that would not a problem anymore.

A very major reason for every us to use Bidets is because of its environment friendly nature. Americans alone use an average of about 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper each year, which means 473 billion gallons of water each year as well as a roundabout of 15 million trees. Using bidets ensure a germ free and healthy lifestyle with an environment friendly add on.

Children (if potty trained through using a bidet) will not only be trained easily and efficiently but it will also ensure hygienic habits for them and no physical contact with fecal matter and bacteria. Similarly, old aged people or those with mobility issues/disabilities can use bidets without being dependent on someone else to get cleaned up.

Bidets are generally a new concept in the world of traditional bathrooms, but many people are now switching to it because of its contribution towards an easy, clean, healthy and happy lifestyle. The refreshing feeling you will get after using a bidet will definitely outweigh the cost of initial installation (which many consider to be very high) but bidet manufacturers suggest that savings from the toilet paper cost might as well outweigh the initial purchase costs after some years.

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