Quality Electronic Bidet at Unbelievable Price

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     Many people keep away from buying an electronic bidet because of the high cost. The price greatly varies depending on the brand and the availability of functions. Some reputed brands may offer discounts on the retail price for a limited period and most of the lucky customers can own a bidet by paying subsidized amounts. Others may prefer buying bidet attachments by paying less, but still the benefits a fully functional electronic bidet cannot be compared with any other toilet accessory.

The Bidet4me E-200A Deal at NeweggFlash:

     The BIDET4ME has been marketing quality electronic bidets and bidet attachments since the last few years. Their E-200A electronic bidet with dryer and deodorizer has been selling at its regular retail price (MSRP) of $769 and also with some discounts on leading online stores. Now for a very limited period from 08/06/2013 to 08/12/2013 the same quality bidet is priced as low as $349.99 at NeweggFlash, the discounted store of the leading online seller Newegg.com. Only three units per household are sold at this sale. It comes with free shipping option and free Do It Yourself (DIY) guide as further additional bonuses.

     The E-200A bidet has all of the latest features like heated seats, temperature controls, water pressure controls, power saving option, dryer and deodorizer. The nozzle allows females to clean both anterior and posterior very smoothly. The sensed seat is automatically activated only when someone sits on it. The user only needs to press the appropriate buttons on the control panel for activating various functions. It is seen that bidets with comparable features are often high priced.

The Benefits of Using a Bidet:

     “Hygiene” is the single word that every bidet brings inside a toilet and the same is true in the case of E-200A bidet. The use of toilet paper can be avoided, thus saving the environment from pollution. The electronic bidet can be used by all, not exclusively for elders or physically challeneged.For elders it may be an aid during their incapacity but for normal healthy people, it may be a luxury.

     The BIDET4ME E-200A electronic bidet is marketed by www.bidet4me.com. They have been marketing bidet seats and toilet accessories all over the world. Now it is available for a very low price of $349.99 with free shipping within USA at the famous online store, Neweggflash.

Contact Person: Amy Chou

Address:1633 Watson Dr. Arcadia, CA 91006

Tel: (626) 247-4150

E-mail Sales: sales@BIDET4ME(Wholesale)

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