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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME, MB-1500, Cold and Hot Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment, Single Nozzles
Type: Warm Water Spray
Tube distance: 110 inches
Size: L x W x H 17.32' x 7.09' x 1.6-3.94'
Price: $69.99


Enjoy the Hygienic Clean Feeling of a Bidet with the Bidet4me MB-1500 Single Nozzle Easy Bidet in White

  • Easy & quick DIY installation
    You will not need any special tools or plumbing knowledge to install the Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet.Now you can have the hygiene standards you require without the cost with the affordable Bidet4me Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet which has been especially designed for easy, quick and safe self-installation in almost any toilet or bathroom.
  • Supplied to our customers, ready to install
    The Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet  is shipped to you complete with everything you will need. Easy to install by any DIY enthusiast, the entire installation process takes around 30 minutes and does not require any special tools or the services of an expensive plumber.
  • Simple self-adjustable settings to vary the pressure of the jets and the water temperature
    Just select High, Medium or Low pressure and the water temperature according to your requirements with the control dial
  • No AC power or batteries  are needed
    The Easy Bidet MB-1500 doesn’t use any power supply
  • Easily adjustable for fitting to most popular toilet designs
    Fixing bars designed to adjust to fit most popular 2-piece toilets between the rim and the seat

What Is the Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet?

The Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet is a powerful and convenient solution for those who seek a bidet without the need to install a separate bidet unit. You can keep your costs low and your standards high by installing a Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet to any toilet in your home.

Can I Fit It Myself?

Absolutely, the Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet is designed to provide all the facilities of a Single nozzle bidet in conjunction with almost any toilet.

To fit the Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet, all you need to do is just adjust the fixing holes to suit those on your toilet seat and you’re almost done, the spray unit fits neatly between the seat and the toilet rim.

Can the Whole Family Use It?

Certainly, the Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet is suitable for any member of your family, young and old, male or female, everyone can just quickly adjust the spray nozzle and pressure together with the water temperature to suit their preferences and requirements and away you go –a bidet in your home for a fraction of the usual cost.

The Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet is shipped directly to you with everything that you will need included to complete the installation – there are no special tools needed and there’s absolutely no need for you to go to the expense of calling a plumber.

Supplied in hard wearing white, easy to clean and matches any colour scheme, the Bidet4me Single Nozzle MB-1500 Easy Bidet is awaiting your order right now.

In just a few days you and your family could be enjoying the hygienic cleaning power of an adjustable twin nozzle bidet in your own toilet or bathroom so place your order with confidence, now.

Bidet4me Easy Bidet features adjustable pressure and temperature control. The bidet connects directly to your existing freshwater line.

DIY Accessories --

1 x 9/16'' adapter and 1 x 15/16'' adapter

1 x Tube around 118 inch

If you need other size, please check local hardware stores

  • Color: White
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Single flush / Single nozzle
  • Settings: Adjustable pressure and temperature control (high, middle, low)
  • Continuous warm water stream (cold and hot water)
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Connects directly to fresh water line
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Built-in cold water by-pass
  • Adjustable pressure and temperature control
  • Quality stainless parts
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Unified ABS valve for better regulated water stream and durability
  • Removable, splash-guarded nozzle
  • Positive stepping pressure control
  • Pressure control with variable stepping control knob
  • Double sided body panel
  • Measurements: 17.32 inches long x 7.09 inches wide x 1.6-3.94 inches high
  • Number of boxes this will ship in: 1
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • UPC Code # 852676734143

MB-1500 Bidet MB-1500 Bidet - Back MB-1500 Bidet - Back (Water in Location) MB-1500 Bidet - Package

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