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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME PB-100 Portable Bidet Include Extended Nozzle
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Price: $19.99


Don’t Travel Alone, Take the Bidet4me PB-100 Portable Bidet with Extended Nozzle for a Clean, Fresh Feeling Wherever You Go

·        At last, a portable travel bidet that goes wherever you go!
Now you really can experience the extra special fresh clean feeling that you only get with a bidet, wherever you happen to be. Whether you are on a train, in a restaurant rest room or the rest rooms in the shopping mall. In fact, wherever you need to take a “natural break” you can quickly get back to work or play feeling cleaner and fresher than you ever could without the Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Travel Electric Portable Bidet as your faithful travelling companion.

·        Bidet freshness on the move - everything you need for a bidet to go
The Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Portable Bidet come to you in a single box containing everything you need to take the bidet experience right along with you.

·        No batteries or electrical power required
The Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Portable Bidet is a completely manual operated device and requires no electrical power or batteries to work – the ultimate in portability

·        Lightweight to carry - quiet and discrete when in use
The Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Portable Bidet provides you with a quiet operation which makes it suitable for use in public restrooms. It can be used with warm or cold water according to your preference.

·        Made to a very high standard at a very affordable price
Here at Bidet4Me we love to offer our customers that perfect combination of useful top quality hygiene products that everyone can afford and the Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Travel Portable Bidet is certainly no exception – a single low price for everything you need is what we like to deliver.

Now you can have hygiene - wherever you go

Now there’s no need to sacrifice your personal hygiene and freshness when you are on the move – the Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Travel Portable Bidet takes care of that. It’s quiet, lightweight and discrete to carry with you on your travels and use when you need it. I fact, this portable travel bidet is perfect for you whenever you are out and about.

Quick and simple to use with an adjustable nozzle to suit everyone’s different requirements

Just fill the reservoir with cold or arm water, point and spray – nothing could be simpler or more effective than the Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Portable Bidet. The nozzle is adjustable between 20cm to 35cm. It locks into position when in use and then can be retracted back into the water reservoir for ease of storage when on the move.

Most people find that a circular motion is best when using the device but everyone is different so we invite you to find your own best bidet method.

All the best bidet benefits – on the move

Now you can go wherever you want and still get all the benefits of a bidet – less toilet tissue, clean and fresh every time. It’s also ideal for those who have mobility or a physical disability that makes personal cleaning difficult. It can also help with the treatment of piles and haemorrhoids.

It makes an ideal as gift

Now you can make travelling more enjoyable for a friend or loved one by giving them a Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld Portable Bidet as a gift. Yes, you can be really certain that the next time they travel and they take their Bidet4me PB-100 Handheld  Portable Bidet with them they’ll thank you again and again for the fresh clean travel bidet experience you have given them.

There’s also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your travel bidet is covered by a 12 months warranty.

Make travelling more fun, and more hygienic, with this perfect travel companion – order your BIDET4ME PB-100 today and start travelling in style.

The BIDET4ME PB-100 (420ml) is the perfect hygiene solution for when you're on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you. This is “No” batteries or electric are required!  Very simply fill the reservoir with water (cold or warm), point, and spray. The nozzle extends from 20cm in pocket to 35 cm and locks for spraying and retracts back into the water reservoir for easy storage. The PB-100 is small enough to store and carry with you


** Economical to use with reduced use of toilet paper

** Personal gadget for hygienic body cleaning.

** Economical and Practical

** Highly Recommended for Disable People

** Helps in treatment of piles and haemorhoids.

** Made out of quality materials to assure durability


Notice of Use

** For external use only

** Avoid filling reservoir with water above 40C (104 F)

** Clean reservoir and Nozzle assembly on a regular basis to avoid harmful bacteria

** For proper cleaning, use the bidet spray in a circular motion

UPC Code # 852676734105

PB-100 (2) length for pocket BIDET4ME PB-100_1 PB-100 (2) bidet bottle BIDET4ME PB-100 portable bidet instruction manual 1 BIDET4ME PB-100 portable bidet with extensible nozzle BIDET4ME PB-100 portable bidet air hole BIDET4ME PB-100 application-1-normal body bidet

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