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Nameļ¼šBidet4me, MB-1000, Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
Type: Fresh Water Spray
Tube distance: 30 inch
Size: L x W x H 17.32' x 7.09' x 1.6-3.94'
Price: $49.99


Bidet4me MB-1000 Single Nozzle Easy To Install Low Cost Bidet, White Easy Bidet System.

·        Fast and easy self-installation
No special tools or plumbing knowledge are required. In fact, it can be self-installed. The Easy Bidet MB-1000 is designed for easy, fast and safe home installation; this adjustable water massaging spray device can be safely and effectively added to any 2-piece toilet, without the need for a trained plumber or specialist tools, in just twenty minutes.

·        Supplied ready to install
Shipped complete with everything you need. It’s completely safe to use and suitable for all the family.

·        Simple user adjustable pressure settings
High, Medium or Low according to your preferences and needs. Adjustable mounting bars enable you to align and fit the device to the seat mounting holes on your toilet rim.

·        No batteries or mains power needed
The Easy Bidet MB-1000 doesn’t require any power

·        Easily adjustable
Designed to fit most popular 2-piece toilets between the rim and the seat.The Easy Bidet MB-1000 fits between the seat and the toilet rim and delivers a vertical spray with easily adjustable pressure settings to suit you and your family’s requirements.



Now you can quickly and easily add a bidet facility to your bathroom, without the cost of buying a separate bidet unit, by fitting one of these Bidet4me Easy Bidet MB-1000 single nozzle massaging bidet attachments to your toilet.

A Low Cost Alternative to Installing a Separate Bidet

If you have ever considered installing a separate bidet in your toilet or bathroom but been put off by the high cost and inconvenience that is involved then we have the answer to your problem – it’s called the Easy Bidet MB-1000 that give you and your family the super hygienic cleansing capability of a bidet but without the high cost that would normally be involved.

The Cleaning Power You Need – Without the Fuss

The Easy Bidet MB-1000 delivers a constant stream of water at the pressure you require via its vertical massaging spray head.

 No Need to Call the Plumber

You’ll be pleased to hear that you really don’t need any special skills or special tools in order to fit the Easy Bidet MB-1000; this is the DIY solution to installing a bidet in your bathroom at a minimum cost and with the minimum of effort.

The Easy Bidet MB-1000 does not require any kind of electrical connection nor does it require any batteries, it is a completely safe, power free self-install device that you can fit with total confidence and peace of mind.

Everything You Need in One Convenient Pack

The Easy Bidet MB-1000 will be shipped to you complete with everything you need for a quick and easy DIY home bidet installation; there’s absolutely nothing extra to buy and no specialist knowledge is required in order to fit the product within a few minutes.

Now you can have the comfort and convenience of a bidet in your bathroom or toilet but without the high cost of dedicated units – order your Easy Bidet MB-1000 self-install pack today and you can experience the ultimate in bathroom hygiene tomorrow.

This bidet features adjustable settings for maximum comfort and utility. The simple yet practical design of this bidet creates a continuous natural water stream for extra efficiency.

  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 3.94 inches to 1.6 inches high x 17.32 inches wide x 7.09 inches deep
  • Single Flush (nozzle)
  • Settings Adjustable pressure control (High, Middle, and Low)
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Number of boxes this will ship in: 1
  • Assembly required
  • Continuous natural water stream
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Basic natural water model
  • Adjustable pressure and nozzle movable
  • Simple yet practical
  • ABS unified valve system
  • Removable nozzle for better hygiene
  • Splash guarded nozzle
  • Pressure control with variable stepping knob
  • Bottom protective body panel
  • Easy and quick self installation
  • UPC Code # 610373035334

MB-1000 and MB-1100 DIY Kit

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