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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME, KM-07E, Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down/Out 2 functions Spray Mixer Tap (Lead Free)
Type: Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down/Out
Tube distance: 2 pcs 600mm inlet S.S. Hoses (Cold nd Hot)
Size: Single Hole/Standard/Contemporary (26'' H x 7.25'' L x 8.25'' W)
Price: $129.99


Introducing the Bidet4me Km-07e Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down Pull out Dual Function Lead Free Spray Mixer Tap for Domestic or Commercial Use

·        Great looks and great performance from a single spout kitchen mixer tap
If you are looking for a versatile yet easy to install kitchen sink faucet with a pull down spout feature then look no further. Not only will the BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down fit the bill – it will do so at an amazingly low price that everyone can afford.

·        Lead free for totally safe use by family, friends and work colleagues
The BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down is manufactured from hard wearing materials that look good and are good for you and the environment with no lead being used in the manufacturing process. Order and use with complete confidence.

·        Two adjustable spray settings to match the tasks you set it
Yes the BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down has two individual settings for the spray unit – choose from “aeration” and “saturation” depending on the job in hand.

·        Perfect for home, perfect for the workplace
This adjustable pull down faucet or mixer tap is hard wearing and versatile enough for use in hotels, restaurants, bars, workplace kitchens and, oh yes we almost forgot, your home kitchen as well, of course.

·        Supplied with everything you need to install
Yes your BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down will be shipped to you with all the components required to make a successful installation with the exception of a basic tool kit which most home owners will already have.

Get extra spray power and precision water delivery when the job requires it

Use the BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down to deliver water to the sink as required with its single spout and handle operation but, when you need to direct the jet to the job in a more precise way then you can simply detach the spray head and aim it where it’s needed to clean like a standard faucet never could.

Delivered to you, ready to install

We like to make life as easy as we can for our customers so we have packed absolutely everything you will need to get the BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down installed and working for you as soon as possible and without the need to go out and buy any additional or specialist items. Just a standard home toolkit and the supplied instructions are all that’s required to give your kitchen the power of a BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down.

Choose your setting and get the cleaning power you need

There are two settings on the BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down in order to meet every cleaning and water delivery requirement. Choose from aeration or saturation settings and get the job done in the most efficient way, whatever it is.

Order your BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down today and your kitchen sink faucet facility will never be the same again.

BIDET4ME KM-07EA, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down/Out is perfect thing for Kitchen in home, restaurant, villa, hotel, as well as commercial use! Its flexible pull out will help to clean thoroughly and win the tidy back.

  • Color: Silver
  • Measurements: Please refer to product drawing
  • Pull- Down/Out Kitchen Mixer/Faucet
  • Single Handle and Deck Mounted Installation Type
  • Chrome Plastic Body, S.S. Spout Pipe
  • Two Sprayers Choosing: Aeration and Saturating
  • Zine Handle, Ceramic Cartridge, 40mm
  • S.S. Shank and Lock Nut
  • 2 pcs 600mm Inlet S.S. Hoses (Hot and Cold)
  • Lee Free Material to Protect Family Member’s Health
  • Assembly required
  • Includes DIY Kit
  • Easy and quick self installation  
  • 1 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • UPC Code # 852676734068

Download BIDET4ME KM-07E Product Dimension

BIDET4ME KM-07E11 BIDET4ME KM-07E21 BIDET4ME KM-07E41 BIDET4ME KM-07E_Complete-DIY-Kit1 BIDET4ME-KM-07E-Handle-Back1 BIDET4ME-KM-07E-Handle-Face1 BIDET4ME-KM-07E-Package-Box1



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