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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME Elongated Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat Elongated - E-200B - With Remote Control
Type: Elongated Shape (120V)
Tube distance: 60 inch
Size: L x W x H 20.8'' x 17.91'' x 5.71'' 10.15 Lbs
Price: $599.99


Get That Extra Clean Feeling with a Bidet4me E-200B Bidet Seat with Dryer

·     Battery powered Remote Control

The E-200B Bidet Seat comes with a remote control (batteries included) giving very easy access to operating the features

·     Easy Installation

The E-200B Bidet Seat can be installed by anyone with no need for specialist help.  It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes to fit to an elongated toilet

·     Ships with Everything

You don’t need any additional specialist tools to fit the bidet. Everything comes with the unit.

  • Contemporary Design

The E-200B Bidet Seat has been designed for an elongated toilet with luxury in mind and is engineered for comfort with a contemporary look. It is specially tailored to work in North American homes (110v AC)

·     Seat Heating

The Bidet4me E-200B Bidet Seat has a heater function which warms the seat a temperature you can decide.

Superior Bidet Features

The E-200B Bidet Seat fits easily to your elongated toilet and comes with a battery powered remote control to help operate the range of great features. These include a turbo facility that pulses water to give a massage effect that may assist with those more difficult bathroom moments as well as hands free drying facilities. With an Auto feature that provides a pre-programmed washing and drying sequence, you can sit back and enjoy with no need to keep fiddling with the control. The kids will enjoy their own function which works just great for their smaller size.

Best Personal Hygiene

Experience a real sense of freshness and personal hygiene that comes from having a full water wash facility as part of your bathroom routine. The E-200B Bidet Seat features both horizontal and vertical sprays.

Fully Customizable

You can customize the E-200B Bidet Seat to your own personal requirements through adjusting the water and drying temperatures as well as the position of the water nozzles – forwards or backwards.

Feminine Personal Hygiene Setting

There is a feminine care setting which provides cleaning water sprays for female personal hygiene. This can also be operated to provide a movable massage.

Massage Feature

The E-200B Bidet Seat also has a massage function which enables a movable water spray massage to provide additional cleaning for that super fresh feeling.

Drying Air Stream

With three different temperatures, the E-200B Bidet Seat has a gentle air stream dryer powered by a motor which also has a turbo function. Ultimate hand-free bathroom experience, ideal for those with mobility issues.

Cozy Winter Mornings

Avoid that cold-seat shock on chilly winter mornings. The E-200B Bidet Seat heated seat feature provides a warm seat with adjustable temperatures.

Save Electricity
With a power saving mode that saves up to 40%, the E-200B Bidet Seat keeps energy costs down.

Order the E-200B Bidet Seat today and experience a new level of personal hygiene and freshness.

Product Description:
E-200B is full-featured and engineered for luxury. With front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial material and a massage feature with a wide clean function, it cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning. E-200B allows you to adjust water temperature, water pressure and the position of the gentle aerated stream through remote cotrol. At the touch of a button, cleansing is followed by a hands free mild warm air dry, adjustable to three settings. Its heated soft closed seat provides comfort and relaxation at a temperature you control. The new design and upgraded features and functions for superior cleansing and comfort.


Installation Manual ---- Cleck Here

Download PDF Manual


*** Special Edition***

Design for North America (120V AC Power) -- AC Cable is on the right side with 6 feet inch long

Quick Summary:
-Warm air dry

-Built-in water filter
-Heated seat
-Auto, Female, Kid, and Tubo Wash feature

-Remote Control -- Water Massage and Water Pressure Control feature  
For more information on this product please view the Installation Sheet Manual Instruction sheet Parts List Manual Guide


Bidet4me E-200B (Electric Bidet) Functions with "Remote Control"

-Seat/Water Heated
-Seat T/Water T Adjusted
-Seat Sensed
-Auto, Female, Kid and "Tubo" Wash feature
-Bamboo Charcoal Deodorized
-Thermostat Installed
-Intelligent Power Saved
-Slow Down Silent
-Pressure-Relief Device
-Power Off Flushed
-Easy Pressure Regulated
-Warm Dryer
-Warm Breeze Adjusted
-Water Massage and Water Pressure Control feature
-Full Automation Nozzle Self-Cleaning
-UPC # 852676734044

BIDET4ME E-200B Open  BIDET4ME E-200B Right BIDET4ME E-200B Left BIDET4ME E-200B Left Detail BIDET4ME E-200B Back

BIDET4ME E-200B Accessories Kit
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