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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME MSH-10 2.5 GPM Rain Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome - Value Pack
Type: Fix Shower Head
Tube distance:
Size: L x W x H = 8 x 8 x 4.25 inch
Price: $149.99


Bidet4me MSH-10 Musical Showerhead Waterproof Speaker + Bluetooth - Value Pack

·        Listen to your Music and other audio while you wash
Now you can stream your favorite music to the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead and listen to whatever takes your fancy while you take a shower and sing a lone if you feel inclined

·        Detachable waterproof speaker goes wherever you need it and gives you the sound you need
Even though the showerhead is fixed, the Bluetooth speaker isn’t – just pop it in and out of the showerhead and take it where you need it

·        Built-In microphone for taking and making phone calls
The music stops when a call comes in but the water just keeps on flowing. Built in sophisticated noise cancelling technology suppresses the background noise while you listen and talk on the phone

·        Eco-friendly water saving shower head and arm
Save up to 30% of the normal water consumption of a similar size shower with the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead’s water flow rate of just 2.5GPM

·        Enjoy up to 8 hours use on a single USB charge
The BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead comes complete with a set of Lithium Ion batteries and a USB charger cable, not that you’ll need them all that often

Singing in the shower is good – but this is better!

Now it’s really possible for you to take a shower and take your music with you so that you can listen while you are showering. This is possible because the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead combines up to the minute water-saving shower technology with the very latest in Bluetooth device connectivity, high resolution audio reproduction technology, background noise cancellation and Bluetooth 3.0 streaming capability.

Using Bluetooth 3.0 technology the detachable waterproof speaker supplied with the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead can move around the house with you, streaming from your Bluetooth devices, including Smartphones, Tablets and PCs located anything up to 32 feet away.

If that phone call just can’t wait – take it while you work up a lather

There’s a built in microphone with the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead to enable you to make and take calls along with your Bluetooth enabled phone, whether or not you are in the shower. A simple button is pushed to accept a call if one comes in whilst you are showering.

Sophisticated pickup technology is used for background noise cancellation whilst in the shower and the speaker design incorporates the latest audio algorithms to ensure that you get the best call and music quality.

USB charging with up to 8 hours operation per charge

With up to 8 hours of continuous operation being possible from a single charge, which is carried out by means of the USB charging cable supplied, the BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead provides you with the maximum pleasure and minimum downtime.

Being easy to self-install and both simple and effective to use, this water saving showerhead and mounting arm, together with its built in speaker docking and Bluetooth streaming capability can provide a whole new satisfying dimension to shower time.

So be sure to order your BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Showerhead soon and upgrade your showering experience with the magic of music.


Product Description:

** BIDET4ME MSH-10, Music Showerhead with wireless speaker streams your favor music, news and other audio in the shower

** Bluetooth 3.0 technology enabled devices including smart phones/ mobile device, tablets PC such as iPod & iPad and laptops or PC which located up to 28 ~ 32 feet away

** Very Easy to pop in and out of shower head for easy recharging (USB Charge) Water-resistant wireless speaker

** Wireless speaker can be used outside the shower space, independent of the showerhead, to stream music in any room

** Build in microphone --- Taking phone calls during shower (simple press the bottom to accept it) – music will auto stop if microphone is on

** Shower Head - The water saving shower technology helps save up to 30% of water (Flow rate 2.5GPM)


Product Features

A.    Wireless speaker delivers 8 ~10 hours of music or talk. 

B.      Bluetooth range: 28 ~32 feet. 

C.      Include one set of lithium ion battery and USB cable charger. 

D.     High-fidelity 3W waterproof speakers. 

E.      Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR Technology. 

F.       Simulated dual microphone noise reduction. 

G.     Pickup technology for background noise cancellation. 

H.     The latest audio algorithms, for the best call and music quality.

I.       Water Saving Technology help save up to 30% of water

UPC Code # 610373049997

Download BIDET4ME MSH-10 Music Shower Head Installation Manual or copy below link



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