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Name:BIDET4ME E-300A Elongated Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer
Type: Elongated Shape (120V)
Tube distance: 60 inch
Size: L x W x H 20.8'' x 17.91'' x 5.71'' 10.15 Lbs
Price: $499.99


Enjoy Great Personal Hygiene with the Bidet4me E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer

·        An Amazing Addition to your Bathroom
The E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat has been newly designed to incorporate the very latest features in electronic bidet seats. Specifically tailored for North American homes (110v AC) this can be fitted on any elongated toilet.

·     Easy Self-Installation

Most people can fit the E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat in under 45 minutes with no need to change your plumbing or hire a plumber.

  • Comes with Everything You Need

You don’t need any additional tools or fittings, the package includes everything you need to get the bidet seat up and running

·     Adjustable Seat Heating

The E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat features a seat heater and is fully adjustable with a number of different heat settings

·        Adjustable Water pressure and temperature

Water pressure and temperature is easily adjustable at the touch of a button

Experience the Next Level of Personal Hygiene

With a range of fantastic functions, the E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat will transform your bathroom experience and take you to the next level of deep clean personal hygiene. With adjustable water sprays, gentle air jet drying and massage functions, this bidet seat is an amazing addition to your bathroom especially with its deodorizer which efficiently removes unpleasant odours, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Completely Washed Feeling

The E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat enables you to adjust the water nozzle position to either the front or rear so you can adjust it to your own preference to get the ultimate completely washed feeling

Fully Customizable Experience

You can tailor the E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat to get the right water temperature and pressure and drying air temperature for your needs. The Turbo function delivers a more intense water jet which can be used for massage to help ease straining when things are a bit more difficult to get moving.

Settings for Female and Kids Comfort

With a special feminine hygiene setting, the water spray can be set to create a movable massage. There is also a children’s setting which automatically adjusts the sprays to take account of their smaller size ensuring that bathroom trips don’t result in water adventures and bathroom floor puddles!


The E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat has a turbo motor-produced air stream for drying. It is fully adjustable for both position and temperature, with three temperature settings to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.

End Cold-Seat Shock

The seat heating feature means that you can go to the bathroom on those chilly winter mornings safe in the knowledge you won’t be subjected to a freezing seat. The E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat has adjustable seat temperatures which can be pre-set so you will have a comfortable experience all year round.

Minimize Energy Costs
With a power saving mode that saves up to 40% when the seat is not in use, the E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat is also energy efficient.

Treat yourself to the next level of personal hygiene. Order the E-300A Elongated Electric Bidet Seat today!

Product Description:
     E-300A is full-featured and engineered for luxury. With front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial material and a massage feature with a wide clean function, it cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning. E-300A allows you to adjust water temperature, water pressure and the position of the gentle aerated stream. At the touch of a button, cleansing is followed by a hands free mild warm air dry, adjustable to three settings. Its heated soft closed seat provides comfort and relaxation at a temperature you control. The new design and upgraded features and functions for superior cleansing and comfort.

Installation Manual ---- Cleck Here

Download PDF Manual

*** Special Edition***

Design for North America (120V AC Power) -- AC Cable is on the left side with 6 feet inch long


Quick Summary:
-Warm air dry
-Built-in water filter
-Heated seat
-Auto, Female, Kid, and Posterior Wash feature
-Water Massage and Water Pressure Control feature  

- Slow down silently

- Nozzle self cleaning
For more information on this product please view the Installation Sheet Manual Instruction sheet Parts List Manual Guide


Bidet4me E-300A (Electric Bidet) Functions

*Seat heated + water heated
*Seat and water temperature adjusted
*Seat sensed

*Help defecation
*Bamboo charcoal deodorized

*Posterior washed

*Faminine washed

*Thermostat Installed

*Intelligent power saved

*Slow down silently

*Pressure-relief device

*Easy water pressure regulated

*Warm dryer

*Dryer temperature adjusted

*Massage strength control

*Movable massage

*Kids' functions

*Auto functions

*Nozzle self cleaning

*Nozzle position adjustment (forward and backward)

UPC Code # 610373049966

BIDET4ME E-300A Nozzle

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