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Name´╝ÜBIDET4ME SH-546 5-Setting Rainfall Jet Spray Handheld Hand Shower Head- Value Pack
Type: Fresh Water Spray
Tube distance:
Size: L x W x H 10 x 2 x 1.5 inch
Price: $69.99


BIDET4ME SH-546 5-Setting Rainfall Jet Spray Handheld Hand Shower Head – Self Install DIY Value Pack

·        The affordable and adjustable handheld shower attachment that will transform your home bathing experience
The BIDET4ME SH-546 is an affordable hand held adjustable shower head attachment that attaches quickly and easily to your tub spout and is the perfect solution for bathrooms without a shower facility.

·        Quick and easy self installation DIY adjustable shower attachment
When you order the BIDET4ME SH-546 there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be taking a refreshing shower just minutes after opening the box that we ship it to you in. The typical installation time is around ten minutes so place your order, choose your favorite shampoo or gel and get yourself some shower power.

·        Five Spray Settings To Meet Every Showering Need
Whether you need a refreshing shower to wake you up after a good night’s sleep or a soothing, relaxing shower just before bedtime, the BIDET4ME SH-546 is the self-install shower attachment for you. With five spray settings available there’s bound to be one that’s suits your mood exactly.

·        Save water with the BIDET4ME SH-546’s advanced water flow technology
Yes, take a shower with an easy conscience – the BIDET4ME SH-546 gives you up to 30% water saving with its flow rate of just 2.5GPM.

·        Everything you need to self - install a top quality shower attachment in your home
This versatile DIY shower attachment unit is made from top quality materials and is shipped to you with everything you need to carry out the simple installation process yourself – no need for special tools and no need to call the handyman or plumber.

Yes, this really is a self-install all in one shower attachment package!

Just attach the BIDET4ME SH-546 to the spout on your tub using the provided slip on rubber connectors – no tools required and everything you need is in the box.

Instant shower power at an all-in low price

Time to stop wishing you had a shower and make the simple, first, move towards making the dream a reality – the BIDET4ME SH-546 is both affordable and versatile with its 5 option adjustable shower head. Choose your setting from Aeration, Saturating, Massage, Saturating plus Aeration and Saturating plus Massage and relax under the constant stream of water that is just perfect, for you!

Wash yourself, the kids – even the pets!

The BIDET4ME SH-546 shower head is adjustable to meet most tasks full on and that includes cleaning the tub and even washing a dirty dog as and when the need arises.

Installed and ready to use – in just 10 minutes

With an average installation time of just ten minutes being reported to us by our customers the BIDET4ME SH-546 is the ideal solution for the busy household. When you add together the ease of use and simple self installation together with the all in one low cost value pack that we supply to you it’s no wonder that the BIDET4ME SH-546 is one of our most popular products.

It’s the affordable self-install shower solution for all budgets and all tub spouts thanks to the slip on rubber grips supplied so don’t delay make a move towards a shower in your home, today.

The, BIDET4ME SH-546, is innovative handheld shower head set attaches to your tub spout and creates and instant shower that is perfect for daily shower, bathing for children, cleaning the tub, and washing pets. With five refreshing spray settings (Aeration, Saturating, Massage, Saturating + Aeration, and Saturating + Massage), it offers a stylish profile and a metal face. The water saving shower technology helps save up to 30% of water (Flow rate 2.5GPM).  It quickly and easily connects to your tub spout with slip-on rubber connector grips, requiring no tools for installation.  Easy to install and Use.   Require no handy man’s help.



** Allow Every Member of Family to Use (Men, Women, Children, and even washing for Pets) 

** Help Personal Hygiene

** Water Saving Technology provides up to 30% water force

** Easy To Install and Without ask Plumber or Tools

** English Manuel Show You DIY Step

** Made of Quality Materials

** It’s Green, Clean, and Hygiene Products

** Base on Research – Using Bidets (BIDET4ME) Help: Constipation, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Crohn’s Dieses, and Many More..    

** Comes with One-Year-Limited-Warranty

Package/ Do It Yourself (DIY) Includes

1)      BIDET4ME five functions handheld shower Head (High Quality SH-546), face: 100mm (Aeration, Saturating, Massage, Saturating + Aeration, and Saturating + Massage) 

2)      Shower adapter with mount, Chrome ABS

3)      Spray Hose, Polished S.S., shower hose, 1.5m (59 inch)

5)     Instruction Manuel

UPC Code # 610373049980

BIDET4ME SH-546 5-Mode Quality Handheld Shower Set BIDET4ME Shower adapter with mount BIDET4ME Shower adapter with mount 2BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Spray HoseBIDET4ME SH-546 Shower Head Face 2BIDET4ME SH-546 Shower Head Face 3BIDET4ME SH-546 Shower Head Face 4

BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Installation


BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Set Installation   --- Please click HERE to see installation steps

BIDET4ME Technology -- SH-546 Water Flow Rate

BIDET4ME SH-546 5-Mode Quality Handheld Shower Water Flow Rate


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