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Nameļ¼šBIDET4ME SH-436 3-Setting Rainfall Jet Spray Handheld Hand Shower Head- Value Pack
Type: Fresh Water Spray
Tube distance:
Size: L x W x H 7 x 2 x 1.5 inch
Price: $59.99


Bidet4me SH-436 Top Quality Hand Held Shower Head Self Installation DIY Value Pack

  • Low cost hand held shower attachment that everyone can use
    At last, a budget priced, very easy to fit and easy to use hand-held shower attachment for the whole family to use – it can even be used to shower the dog!
  • No expensive tools and no specialist help needed
    The BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack comes to you with everything you need right in the box, all fixtures, fittings and the shower unit itself are included – nothing more to buy.
  • Adjustable spray settings to suit everybody’s needs
    The BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack has three different shower settings built in; Saturating, Massage and Saturating + Massage, to suit everyone’s preferences.
  • Eco-Friendly water saving features
    The clever design of the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack is proven to save up to 30% of water used compared to other inferior models. The flow rate is an economic but invigorating 2.5GPM.
  • Top quality plus a low, low price – a great combination for you
    We love to deliver top quality bathroom fittings at a truly affordable price and the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack is certainly no exception to that. Everything you need to install a top quality shower experience for all the family at a really low price.

Quick and easy to install hand held shower power

When you feel like a shower there’s nothing else to compare with the sheer pleasure of climbing into the tub and relaxing under a stream of water at the perfect pressure and the perfect temperature – for you. That’s why this fully adjustable shower attachment that’s suitable for easy DIY installation in any bathroom, is perfect for you.

The BIDET4ME SH-436, is an innovative design handheld shower head attachment that quickly and easily attaches to your existing tub spout and gives you an instant, ready to use, shower facility for all of your daily showering, children’s bathing, tub cleaning and even pet washing needs.

Adjustable settings to suit your mood

The BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack offers you three refreshing spray settings, (Saturating, Massage, and Saturating plus Massage), making it a great experience for everyone.

Combine the stylish profile and metallic finish of the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack with the economic water saving shower technology which helps you to save up to 30% of water consumption with its flow rate of just 2.5GPM (gallons per minute), and you have the answer to all your showering needs – in a single box!

No plumber or handyman required

The BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack quickly and easily connects to your tub spout using handy slip-on rubber connector grips. You won’t need any special tools to install the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack and there’s no need to call the plumber or handyman either – Easy and quick DIY self-installation (our typical customer install time is approx. 10 minutes), for a great shower experience is what the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack is all about.

So order the BIDET4ME SH-436 DIY Value Pack today and give yourself and your friends and family the shower experience they deserve and at a truly great price.



** Allow Every Member of Family to Use (Men, Women, Children, and even washing for Pets) 

** Help Personal Hygiene

** Water Saving Technology provides up to 30% water force

** Easy To Install and Without ask Plumber or Tools

** English Manuel Show You DIY Step

** Made of Quality Materials

** It’s Green, Clean, and Hygiene Products

** Base on Research – Using Bidets (BIDET4ME) Help: Constipation, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Crohn’s Dieses, and Many More..    

** Comes with One-Year-Limited-Warranty


Package/ Do It Yourself (DIY) Includes

1)      BIDET4ME three functions handheld shower Head (High Quality SH-436), face: 70mm  (Saturating, Massage, and Saturating + Massage)

2)      Shower adapter with mount, Chrome ABS

3)      Spray Hose, Polished S.S., shower hose, 1.5m (59 inch)

5)     Instruction Manuel

UPC Code # 610373049973

/BIDET4ME SH-436 3-Mode Quality Handheld Shower SetBIDET4ME Shower adapter with mount BIDET4ME Shower adapter with mount 2BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Spray HoseBIDET4ME SH-436 Shower Head FaceBIDET4ME SH-436 Shower Head Face 2

BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Installation

BIDET4ME Handheld Shower Set Installation   --- Please click HERE to see installation steps

BIDET4ME Technology -- SH-436 Water Flow Rate

BIDET4ME SH-436 3-Mode Quality Handheld Shower Water Flow Rate


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