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Name´╝ÜBIDET4ME HB-28 Handheld Bidet Shattaf with Adjustable Pressure Shut-off Valve (Value Pack)
Type: Fresh Water Spray
Tube distance:
Size: L x W x H 7 x 3 x 10 inch
Price: $49.99


Add a Bidet to Any Almost Existing Toiet with the Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack

·        Easy and convenient
Suitable and safe for use by any member of your family or your guests.

·        No mains power or battery required
The Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack doesn’t need any electrical power

·        Easy Self-Install
Designed to be self-installed quickly and easily. Made for fast, safe and simple installation to almost any toilet in your home.

·        Everything Included
Sold as a complete, ready to install unit with everything you need

·        Specialist knowledge is not needed
No plumber or handyman required. You can carry out the quick and simple installation yourself. No specialist tools are required and no specialist knowledge either – you won’t need to find the number of your favorite plumber for this job – it’s a do it yourself bidet that everyone can afford.

·        Built to Last
Top quality materials and construction are used throughout

The Search for an Affordable Bidet is Over

If you have been looking for an affordable bidet that can be installed into your toilet or bathroom with a minimum of fuss and at a low cost then look no further – we have found the perfect solution for you and it’s available now at a very reasonable and affordable cost ready for simple self-installation.

It’s called the Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack.

The Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack is a clever bidet attachment that can be fitted onto virtually any design of toilet that you may have installed in your home. Not only is it very easy to use it is also very easy to fit – a win - win situation if ever there was one.

Hygienic and Easy to Use

The ease of use and low cost affordability are achieved by the simplicity of the design which is a hand held system that simply attaches to almost any toilet that you may already have in your home. Quality of materials used is never compromised and, once installed, the Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack will provide years of hygienic service to you and your family.

Buy, Fit and Use With Confidence

Bidet4Me is one of the most respected names in the Bidet Business and you can rest assured that you will be buying a product that is well designed, well built and safe for all your family.

Easy Self Installation Means No Need to Call A Costly Plumber

The Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack is supplied with everything you need.

Now it really is possible to have the hygienic cleaning capability of a bidet in your bathroom or toilet without the fuss or the expense of a dedicated fixture. Order and install the Bidet4me HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet Value Pack today and enjoy that really clean hygienic feeling that only a bidet can give.


** Allow Every Member of Family to Use (Men, Women, and Children) 

** Help Personal Hygiene

** Easy To Install (Includes Free DIY Kits) and Connects to Existing Faucets Without a Plumber or Tools

** English Manuel Show You DIY Step

** Made of Quality Materials

** It’s Green, Clean, and Hygiene Products

** Base on Research – Using Bidets (BIDET4ME) Help: Constipation, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Crohn’s Dieses, and Many More..    

** Comes with One-Year-Limited-Warranty


Package/ Do It Yourself (DIY) Includes

1)      BIDET4ME Spray Head (High Quality HB-28), G1/2 ‘’ Coupling, Gray Face, Brass Insert Valve  

2)      T-Adapter, Chrome Brass Body and Nut, Water Flow all the way to tank (size: 7/8 ‘’ + 7.8’’ + 1/2’’)

3)      Spray Hose, Polished S.S., Double Lock, 1.2m (4 feet) long, brass conical nut and hex nut

4)     Wall Mount Hanger  

5)     Installation Manuel

UPC Code # 610373049942


HB-28 Bidet HeadHB-28 Bidet Head 2HB-28 Bidet Head 3 BIDET4ME HB-28 SPRAY SET.

BIDET4ME HB-28 spray head inner structureBIDET4ME HB-28 hand bidet face BIDET4ME HB-28 spray head on wall mount

HB-28 Bidet Tee AdapterHB-28 Bidet Tee Adapter 1HB-28 Bidet Tee Adapter 2


BIDET4ME Handheld Bidet Installation Manual


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