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Name:BIDET4ME E-100A Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer
Type: Round Shape (120V)
Tube distance: 60 inch
Size: Dimension (L x W x H): 20.8’’ x 16.54’’ x 5.71’’
Price: $419.99


Product Description:

Water is the effective and refreshing way to clean every part of the body. The BIDET4ME E-100A electric/advanced bidet toilet seat provides a cleansing, soothing, personal hygienic wash reducing the need for ineffective toilet paper which is better than a traditional toilet seat or bidet,  The E-100A very easily and quickly replaces the existing toilet seat and can be self installed (Comes with DIY Kit). The E-100A electric bidet seat offers tremendous health & hygiene benefits to all users (men and women, children to the elderly). The E-100A affords senior citizens as well as those suffering from debilitating illness, a hands-free bathroom experience that can provide independence. The BIDET4ME E-100A offers essential features at an entry level price. The nozzle wash system has an aerated wash stream with water pressure and temperature adjustability for the perfect clean. The comfortable heated seat makes this seat ideal for anyone to use especial in night or winter time. To consider Green, E-100A has an automatic power saving Eco Mode to save energy when you are not using it. After you try a BIDET4ME E-100A electric/advanced bidet, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


*** Special Edition***

Design for North America (120V AC Power) -- AC Cable is on the left side with 6 feet inch long


Bidet4me E-100A (Electric Bidet) Functions

** Seat Heating

** Water Heating

** Seat Temperature adjusting

** Water Temperature adjusting

** Seat on and Off Sensor

** Posterior Washing

** Feminine Washing

** Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant

** Thermostat Installed

** Intelligent Power Saving

** Slow Down Silently

** Pressure-Relief Installed

** Power Off Washing

** Water Force Adjusting


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