Introducing B4M Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Floating Sound

Feb 2017- Bidet4me unveils their recently released electronic levitating Bluetooth speaker products to the market. Bidet4me is rated highest in quality, value, and customer satisfaction, their main aim is to satisfy their respected clients with high quality. The release of this unique sound wireless Bluetooth speaker is an awesome awareness to enjoy the rhythm of the music.

The Floating ORB – B4M ORB-Dark Black Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Floating Sound Levitating Maglev Speaker, with NF produces clear and quality sound into the ear of the hearer. And their cable can be used to charge gadgets and smartphones, the battery is rechargeable with an energy level of 1500mAh, the Bluetooth length is 10 meter which can be used at a long distance.

Fans of bidet4me do not mind sharing their awesome experiences when using the product. “This spinning, floating wireless Bluetooth speaker makes listening to your favorite music even more of a pleasure as it spins mysteriously in the air above the magnetic base,”

Bidet4me deals with a high-quality electronic product that are affordable, their products can be gotten in different international markets in North America and also on Amazon.

Their product is perfectly suited as a gift for relatives, friends, and loved ones.

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