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Q:How to replace transformer -- Fix No Power Problem

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Q:Replace pressure relief valve _ BIDET4ME Electric Bidets

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To fix the general leaking problem (you will find bottom of the bidet leaking -- floor will have water)

BIDET4ME _ Replace pressure-relief valve_Step 1
BIDET4ME_Replace pressure-relief valve_Step 2


Q:Replace Valve _ BIDET4ME Easyc Bidets (MB-1000, 1100, and MB-2000)

When you have Water Dripping Problem of your Easy Bidet..  you can contact with us to buy Valve to replace your existing part.

Youtube Video

Link -- 


Q:Replace Electronic Control Panel

Step by Step to show how to replace electronic control panel (apply to BIDET4ME E-200A, E-200B, E-260A, E-200B, E-300A, and et c..) 

BIDET4ME Electronic Bidets - Control Panel Replace

Q:If the water is not hot or warm up anymore.. check list

Bidet4me Electric Bidet Water Warm up Issue - Check list 1

Bidet4me Electric Bidet Water Warm up Issue - Check list 2

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