BIDET4ME is now among the top 10 electronic bidet brands worldwide

One of the top suppliers of high quality commercial and residential toilet seats in North America and international markets is now among the top 10 electronic bidet brands worldwide. BIDET4ME is a one stop shop for the people looking for high quality bidets for better hygiene and comfort, both electronic and non-electronic.

The E-200A model by this company was chosen among the top 3 best electric bidet seats of the year. The company is setting new benchmarks by manufacturing high quality bidets and breaking the stereotypes related to using bidets. A number of Doctors have also started recommending bidets to prevent various diseases like diarrhoea, constipations etc. as bidets are more hygienic than using a toilet paper.

The company has been serving its clients for years now and with their expertise in this field they manufacture the best quality products according to customer’s needs and expectation’s which led them to become one of the leading suppliers of toilet seats and bidets. While manufacturing any product, the main focus of the company is to take into consideration the overall health of a family and create a product which is very convenient to use and not weird to the customer as assumed by many people about using bidets but the fact is that bidets provide more cleanliness, just like washing hands and save you from a number of diseases and infections.

There is a wide variety of products which can be chosen from according to the customer’s preference. The various products have features like water temperature and pressure control, massage and air dry options. The water jets in the front and the rear adds to the extra comfort in maintaining hygiene of your private parts and also comes with automatic, female and kids wash features and deodorizers. The electric bidet toilet seat attachment comes with thermostat and intelligent power saving options. For all those who wish to upgrade their toilet with bidet seats, is the first choice which is a well-known and trusted company specialized in durable and best quality products.



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