BIDET4ME E-200A electric bidet Review (From Dr. Lu)

BIDET4ME E-200A electric bidet Review (From Dr. Lu)

In this modern lifestyle, where everything in your home is luxurious, there is no need to compromise with the bidet seat. Here we are introducing you with an electronic Bidet seat which is BIDET4ME E-200A.

E-200A is fully engineered with all the modern and luxury features that you can imagine in this era. Its enhanced features help to provide you germ-free cleansing. The proper cleansing is ensured by number of features which include front and rear water streams (which you can adjust the warm or cool water according to your convenience), anti-bacterial material and more surprising the massage feature which ensures the wide cleaning. Let us make you know about the amazing features of this electronic Bidet Seat.

Water flow adjustable feature

E-200A not only allows the users to adjust the water temperature, but also facilitate them to adjust the water pressure. Not only that, you are also enabled to adjust the position of aerated stream. This feature makes this bidet seat best for the family as these parameters can be adjusted according to the convenience of every family member whether he is a kid, adult or an elder.

Comfortable heated seat

This soft and heated seat of E-200A not only makes the sitter comfortable but facilitates him to get relax. The sitter can adjust the temperature to the level he feels comfortable with.

Warm air dry feature

It is the luxurious feature of this electronic seat that after cleansing it provides the hands free dry option in which mild warm air is flown at the touch of a button. How amazing that you will get the germ free cleansing and drying even without the need of moving your hands. You can adjust this feature to three different settings. Warm dryer will make the process more comfortable.

Adjustable wash

E-200A is extra smart as it will give the wash depending on the option you select. You can select any option from the four- Auto, Kid, Female or Turbo; this smart seat will provide the cleansing accordingly.

Water Massage

The comfort of this advanced bidet seat does not end at the warm water cleansing and warm air dryer, it has something more to offer you and that is water massage feature. You can have water massage after the proper cleansing that will ensure the comfort and relaxation long after defecation. Warm air dry after massage will ensure the softness along with comfort.

Pressure regulator

The pressure control feature enables the sitter to adjust the pressure according to his needs. Even while taking water massage, accurately selected pressure level will add to the comfort.

Nozzle self cleansing

The spray nozzle of this bidet seat gets dropped only when the seat is in use. When you turn off the bidet, the nozzle will retract automatically ensuring the high levels of hygiene. The self cleansing feature of nozzle adds more to the hygiene levels.

The BIDET4ME E-200A is not only the luxurious but is also the most comfortable bidet that you can get at such an affordable price. You can enjoy the hygienic cleanliness and comfort at you home by having this bidet.


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