BIDET4ME Announces Launch Of Holiday Promotion

PRESS RELEASE: Arcadia, CA, 13 – NOVEMBER-2015 – BIDET4ME is pleased to announce that they are offering a widespread holiday promotion through many of the major online outlets including Overstock, Newegg, and others. The firm is considered to be the top supplier of high grade residential and commercial toilet seats, both in North America and globally. The knowledge of the benefits of bidets is spreading among modern clients, but the device has been known for many generations.

The electric bidets offered by BIDET4ME are particularly beneficial for home installation. Some of the benefits of using bidets include help to improve family hygiene and medical benefits for hemorrhoids and other anal conditions. Use of bidets may also help with conditions such as piles, diarrhea and constipation. The devices are easy to install, use and maintain.

Today’s bidets offer many features which improve their effectiveness. They can be set to use warm water. The seat can be heated and water pressure is adjustable. There are models which offer massage, a spray option for children or women. Some models provide a warm dryer and others will offer a slow close toilet cover.

BIDET4ME has been serving clients for many years and provides a guarantee of high quality and customer satisfaction. Health care professionals are noting the quality of the products and the benefits of using them for health purposes. They are cleaner than standard toilets and help to prevent the spread of anal diseases.

The opportunity to choose one of the products while they are being offered on holiday promotion can be a savings, without the sacrifice of quality. More information is available by checking the contact information which follows.

Contact Person Name: Amy Chou

Company Name:

Address: 1633 Watson Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006

Contact Telephone Number: (626) 247-4150



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