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Easy bidet proves to be a long term investment in hygiene and health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The best in bidet toilets CALIFORNIA, 16th DEC: A bidet toilet seat is more than a bathroom accessory; it is a step towards a healthier and a cleaner lifestyle. Bidet toilets are widely used in many parts of Europe and Asia and their apparent health benefits have motivated customers in the US […] now accepts the Bitcoin as a method of direct payment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE now accepts the Bitcoin as a method of direct payment is the premium source for getting the best bidets or toilet seats possible in the virtual world USA (December 19, 2013): Online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds and almost everything can be bought off the net. From cars […]

Use Temperature Controlled Bidet Attachments During Winter

  Using cold water during winter for our basic needs like drinking, bathing, toilet and cleaning is not appropriate for all particularly old aged and children. Hot water can be made available in the bathrooms and kitchen but providing hot water in the toilet needs extra fittings separately. To solve this, bidet attachments capable of […]