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Top of the Line Comfort with the E-200A from BIDET4ME

This electric bidet from BIDET4ME probably gives the greatest comforts one can feel when in the bathroom. The E-200A electric bidet has fully heated seats, settings for front and rear cleaning, settings for kids, men and women and regulators for temperature and pressure, and warm air for drying. This bidet is fully hands free from […]

The Easy Steps For Installing BIDET4ME Bidets

The BIDET4ME bidets (MB-1000, MB-2000, E-200A, HB-25, and HB-28) are easy to install. The instructions are given clearly so that you can easily install the bidets. The bidet is very popular in Asian countries, European countries and South African countries. These bidets are considered as the luxury item so it’s used by more professional peoples […]

What are Bidets and how their features distinguish them?

A bidet is a kind of plumbing fixture or a unique type of sink which is commonly used for washing the skin around specific areas after urination, defecation, washing feet etc. Washing off the perineum area after relieving is effective in reducing the growth of infection causing bacteria on the body. Toilet tissue papers don’t […]

BIDET4ME HB-25 Quality Hand Held Bidet Grand Promotional Sale

     The prices of toilet accessories and bathroom fittings always show upward trends. The same is true in the case of advanced bidet models since quality products are always in demand. Hand held bidets are much cheaper and suitable for most homes where there are no old aged or physically challenged people who specially need […]